Whiteman Spouses' Club

The Whiteman Spouses’ Club’s mission is to:

establish and maintain base and community relationships; support all enlisted and officer military spouses, whether active duty, reservist, guard or retired; and to contribute to the base and surrounding communities through charitable contributions, scholarships and monthly volunteer opportunities.

​ The organization is not entitled to severing immunities or privileges. Appropriated or non- appropriated funds of the United States or it instrumentalities shall not be used to support the organization, either directly or indirectly, unless otherwise specifically authorized to obligate such funds to conduct business. It is acknowledged that this organization can and only exists on Whiteman Air Force Base with written consent of the installation commander, which consent may be withdrawn at any time the commander determines such withdrawal to be in the best interest of the Air Force. Operation is contingent upon compliance with requirements and conditions of applicable Air Force Regulation and Instructions.

WSC is an independent private organization and shall conduct activities within the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(7).

WSC sponsors social activities financed through annual dues, member-user fees for WSC social events and volunteer payments.

​The organization is not an instrumentality of the United States Government and is not considered under the United States Air Force’s control.

March 2020 WSC Newsletter