Mini-Club Chairs

Bunco-Jennifer Stahly

Lunch Brunch- Jazmin Arroyo Wuntke

Craft Club-Annette Lassus Cruz 

Game Night and Scrapbooking- Carly Nicole 

Painting- Kimari Pitman 

Thrift Store- Lynda Wilcox

Wine and Gourmet- Nicoleta Ware

Book Club- Sharon Franklin

​​As a military spouse, you might not always have time to relax and enjoy yourself by doing what you love. We all know that! 


That is why we created the mini-clubs. Anything that catches you interest? Just contact the person that's running the club that you feel like being a part of. Can't decide on one? Be a part of as many as you want.


Keep in mind, these mini-clubs are being organized by other spouses just like you. Some of them might require some funding. Rest assure, all that money is being spent at the monthly gathering for that particular mini-club.

So come and have fun with us, whether you are into games, reading a good book, painting or just want to hang out.

You are welcome to

participate in any

​of them!

Whiteman Spouses' Club